Taste Of Korea
 Call Us at (315) 773-6070 or 0302

My Promise to Customers:                   We DO NOT use MSG!                       We DO NOT Use artificial Spices!

                                                              If you are new to Korean food, be sure to order BBQ Bulgogi and Yaki     They are signature Foods of Korea!



Fresh and bursting with flavor, Taste Of Korea has a diverse menu selection that will meet anyone's appetite. Serving the Black River and Fort Drum, NY area we provide great tasting food that is prepared fresh with the highest quality of ingredients. Treat yourself today with a nutritious meal from our delicious menu. At Taste Of Korea, you are sure to enjoy the great atmosphere, friendly service, and affordable prices.

Take your taste buds on an unforgettable journey at Taste Of Korea, real authentic Korean cuisine.

As Korean, I'm proud of my tradition and culture.

One of biggers reason to open Korean Resturant is,

I would like to show where I come from.


We don't Stay open late, running 2 business is not easy ting to do.

if there is no customer, we close at 8PM.

Our  hours are : 11 AM ~ 8 PM (Mon - Thur)  

                             11 AM ~ 9PM (Fri-Sat)

                               Closed Sunday and all Holidays